A Dedicated Group of Animal Lovers


Friends of the Newport Beach Animal Shelter was conceived by members of the community  Tom Fischbacher, Evelyn Hart, Sandy Meadows, Tim Stoaks, Jean Watt, Nancy Gardner, Walt Howald,  and Valerie Schomburg, Newport Beach Police Department, Animal Control Supervisor..

the  nonprofit tax ID # 82-1830129 

DNL- 17053228325047


A Unique Approach


Inspired by the Friends of the Oasis Senior Center, Friends of the Newport Beach Animal Shelter has patterned their nonprofit after that group. 

Friends of the Newport Beach Animal Shelter hope to supplement funding for the shelter facility  to provide upgraded cages, amenities and medical care for the animals to make them more adoptable.


Our Goal

We are dedicated to serving the needs of the animals at the Newport Beach Animal Shelter and finding forever homes for these animals.  By providing funding and care we hope to  build a brighter future for these animals and the families who adopt them.

Finding Forever homes

Furry Friends

Loving Animals

 The Newport Beach Animal Shelter is located in a building operated by the City of Newport Beach and is generously supported by the community. 

The Shelter has the requisite staff, amenities and volunteers to insure that the animals experience a comfortable, healthy environment while at the Shelter and are given the maximum opportunity for placement in a new situation.

"The test of a civilization is the way it cares for its helpless members." Pearl Buck