The Dog Days of Summer event June 20th 2017 was the first time dogs have been allowed at Oasis Senior Center in Newport Beach.

And its genesis was a desire to support the Newport Beach Animal Shelter.

There were little dogs, big dogs and everything in between, and all behaved impeccably. There were lots of dog biscuits available, and those taking a treat for their pooch were encouraged to make a donation to the shelter. Over $100 was raised.

Founding members of FONBAS Nancy Gardner and Evelyn Hart helped organize the event introducing this new non-profit to folks at Oasis Senior Center 

Coming Soon...FONBAS's first official event

It's a costume party for pets, Saturday, October 28, 10 am - noon, at Marina Park, 1600 West Balboa Blvd., on the peninsula. We'll have lots of costume categories as well as celebrity judges--Barbara Venezia and Stasha, from the Daily Pilot and StuNews, respectively, and Vladae Roypatel, the world famous Dog Wizard, voted Number One Dog Trainer in Orange County. Not only will Vladae judge events, he will give training tips to make your animal the best behaved on the block. Stay tuned for updates.

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