February 2, 2018



Dear FONBAS friends,

Thank you for supporting Friends of Newport Beach Animal Shelter. The shelter continues to thrive, operated by City of Newport Beach staff and with the help of volunteers - providing services for Newport Beach’s lost, abandoned, and unwanted pets. 

We greatly appreciate your interest and assistance in ensuring funds are available to progress FONBAS’ two-fold mission to: (1) provide financial support to the Newport Beach Animal Shelter so every animal can receive the medical treatment, training, and anything else required to bring out the best in the animal and help ensure its adoption; and (2) raise funds for the construction of a permanent, state-of-the-art animal shelter in the City of Newport Beach.

We need your support going forward.  Please visit our website www.FONBAS.org and make a donation to help us accomplish this mission

The City of Costa Mesa, after a long search, has contracted with a veterinarian in Newport Beach to handle Costa Mesa's animal shelter needs.  FONBAS, as a group whose mission is to help every animal find a good home, is pleased Costa Mesa has found, at least temporarily, a solution to their shelter needs. Though the two city’s shelters are unrelated, we are all working hard for the benefit of all animals.


Thank you again for your continuing support, and if you have any questions, please contact President Tim Stoaks at timstoaks@FONBAS.org and visit our website at FONBAS.org.