Like so many others having to change plans during this crisis, we are going to postpone sending out the prizes each month for coupons for free meals at local restaurants until the restaurants are able to open again and return to their profitability.  We will continue to seek new members during this time and will restart the raffle and prizes as soon as we can.   At this time we are also having to change our plans for the July Founding Membership party and reschedule that when we are able to have group gatherings and when we feel that all of us will feel safe and happy to be partying again.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to all of you who have helped FONBAS with your memberships and donations and we hope you will continue to encourage more members as we move ever closer to having our own permanent animal shelter for Newport Beach.  Just this week we were able to rescue a dog who needs some dental work and has already been adopted.  We can happily provide the dental work and one more puppy will have a loving forever home.

Tim Stoaks, President FONBAS Board

Join Today to Enter Our Founding Membership Raffle

Monthly drawings will resume as soon as the business at local restaurants returns to normal.  Your membership donation will enter you into the raffle as soon as it resumes.

The more you give, the better your chances.  For every $25 you donate, one ticket will be entered into the raffle in your name.  For example, if you give $1,000 to become a Big Dog Founding Member, 40 tickets will be entered into the raffle in your name. Or, if you give a $100 gift of membership to a friend, you will get 4 tickets entered in your name.

The sooner you give, the better your chances.  If you start donating now, your tickets will not only remain in the raffle for every monthly drawing, but they will also remain in the raffle that will be held at our Founding Membership party when our goal of 800 is reached and we are able to hold the event.

Initial List of Prizes (please check back frequently since this list is being updated as we receive donations)

$100 Gift Certificate to Mastro’s Restaurant

$100 Gift Certificate to Best Buy

One $100 Gift Certificate to Bayside Restaurant

One $100 Gift Certificate to Bayside Restaurant

$500 Pet Photo Session + (1) Small Resolution Digital File from The Salty Dog Studio

One $110 Gift Certificate to Gondola Adventures

One $110 Gift Certificate to Gondola Adventures

One $100 Gift Certificate to Blue Water Grill

One $100 Gift Certificate to Blue Water Grill

One $100 Gift Certificate to The Bungalow

Become a Founding Member - Join the Pack

Shelter animals come in all shapes, sizes and conditions -  usually lost, scared and confused.  Sometimes, all that’s needed is a phone call to a frantic owner, or a good bath.  In other cases, extensive medical care or socialization is required.  Whatever the situation, we are working with the Newport Beach Animal Shelter to ensure the funds are there to help each animal put its best paw forward.

Our mission is to provide community participation and funding for a permanent Animal Shelter in Newport Beach where all animals find the loving care they need for reuniting with owner or a forever new home.  Learn more ---



Founding PUPPY & KITTY membership $25


Founding TAILS membership $50


Founding WHISKERS membership $100


Founding PAWS membership $250


Founding FAT CAT membership $500


Founding BIG DOG membership $1,000