We are happy to announce that we have completed Phase One of our mission to provide a permanent animal shelter for Newport  Beach.  With the generosity of the community and two major donors, we have raised the funds to purchase the needed property.  We have built a Founding Membership that was completed on July 31.  All those who have become members by July 31, 2020, the end of the successful Phase One, will be recognized as Founding Members on the website and the new facility.

Phase Two, “Raise the Roof” began on August 1 and our Board’s Facilities Committee is working with architects to design the new building.  Funding is in place to build a basic building but our intent now is to “Build it Better” with additional funds raised for the state of the art shelter that we need and envision.

New and renewing members are needed at all times to sustain our goal of a state-of-the-art shelter, best possible care of the animals, and continuing education.

If you have any questions, please send us an Email.  info@fonbas.org

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Shelter animals come in all shapes, sizes and conditions -  usually lost, scared and confused.  Sometimes, all that’s needed is a phone call to a frantic owner or a good bath.  In other cases, extensive medical care or socialization is required.  Whatever the situation, we are working with the Newport Beach Animal Shelter to ensure the funds are there to help each animal put its best paw forward.

Our mission is to provide community participation and funding for a permanent Animal Shelter in Newport Beach where all animals find the loving care they need for reuniting with the owner or a forever new home.  Learn more ---

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